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Together, let’s end the loneliness and isolation of depression 

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About Friends in Need

Good friends who understand depression can be a life-line. Friends in Need is a free and supportive community set up by Depression Alliance and now run by Kensington and Chelsea Mind, for everyone affected by depression, so you don’t have to go through it alone. You can find new friends in your local area and online, so you’ll always have a safe and friendly space when you need it most.

Look out for our ‘West London Group‘ when you join to see all of our weekly meet-ups, including coffee club, museum trips, walks and much more! And it’s not just about talking. Friends in Need is inspired by the Five Ways to Wellbeing, simple ideas we can all try in our everyday lives to help us feel good and function well (read more below).

Friends in Need is open to over 16s who live, or are registered with a GP in Kensington and Chelsea, Queen’s Park or Paddington.

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“I have never spoken openly about how things are inside for me, but by opening up on here I feel like a massive burden has been lifted. Friends in Need takes away that worry that you don’t belong. Here you always do”

West London member

“FiN has helped me by reading views & thoughts from others which in itself breaks the cycle of loneliness and isolation. My own contribution, however small, enables me to increase my self worth and esteem as I start to believe that I matter”

Friends in need member

Five Ways to Wellbeing

In the depths of depression it’s unlikely we’ll feel well enough to manage all these, but when we’re feeling stronger they can help us stay well and to live life to the fullest. Boosting our wellbeing isn’t just important for our own health; our workplaces, communities, friends and family will benefit from small changes we can all make for a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about the evidence behind the Five Ways by clicking here.

Five steps to a better wellbeing

Depression Alliance was inspired to start Friends in Need by the Five Ways to Wellbeing. These are simple actions we can do in our everyday lives to help us feel good and function well.

Take time to… Keep Learning

Sign up for a class or course and learn a new skill, such as cooking or art. By learning new skills we gain a sense of achievement and an increase in self-confidence.

Take time to… Connect

Spend some time developing relationships with the people around you such as family and friends. New relationships can be forged through joining Friends in Need.

Take time to… Give

Whether it be a small act such as a smile, or something larger such as volunteering for a charity or organisation nearby, helping others allows us to form new relationships and has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing.

Take time to… Be Active

What you do with your body can have a great influence on your mental wellbeing. Find an activity you enjoy and fit it into your daily life, for example cycling, jogging or even walking.

Take time to… Take Notice

Paying more attention to the world around you (such as stopping to notice what’s happening, or being more mindful of your own thoughts and feelings), can improve your mental wellbeing by helping you to enjoy life more and understand yourself better.

To find out more about Friends in Need, please visit friendsinneed.co.uk

To make a referral to Friends in Need, please complete this form and email to cnw-tr.friendsinneed@nhs.net